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August 2017


            Sharon Presbyterian and Lutheran Church Records, Ceres, Virginia, compiled by Mary B. Kegley is now available for sale. These records of present Bland County have two compilations. First are the Presbyterian records which begin in 1827 and continue intermittently to 1925. The baptisms in the Lutheran records begin in 1801 and were originally written in German script. The translation completed at an earlier time was used for this publication. The latest date in the Lutheran records in this publication is 1909. Baptisms, often with birth dates, confirmations, a few death records, and membership lists are included with the names of the many pastors who served the area. Church Council and Church Synod records provide a complete story of the churches and the people who served the congregations. The places for the annual meetings of the Presbyterian Church provided names of more than forty church locations in Southwest Virginia. An unusual feature of the Presbyterian records was the inclusion of two church trials in 1832, one for William Davis and the other for Daniel Cameron.


Some of the major families included in this classic publication are: Kimberling, Spangler, Hudson, Shannon, Peery, Crabtree, Cameron, Foglesong, Fox, Groseclose, Litz, Mahood, Messersmith, Handshew, Cassell, Harkrader, Dilman, Scott, Maxwell, Doak, Tibbs, Umberger, Repass, Rhudy, Sluss, Wilson, Buck, Crow and Daugherty to name a few.   Many lesser known families are included. Most of the same name can be found in other Bland, Tazewell and Wythe County records but this publication provides new information.


The book has 103 pages, with pictures of both churches, one of them in color on the cover.  Also included are samples from the original records. The index includes variations of the early spellings of the names. The price in Virginia is $­23.45 and Out of State is $22.50. Shipping and taxes are included in the prices. Make check or money order payable to Kegley Books and send to P.O. Box 134, Wytheville, VA 24382.






Hello to all my loyal customers:

            For more than forty years my books have been shipped to every state and even to Canada and Europe a few times. I appreciate the interest in Southwest Virginia and its wonderful records. Our courthouse had no fires and our records are therefore more complete than many other counties. Because of that it has been a source for many of my books. And many are now out of print; however the list which follows shows that twenty-two of my sixty-two books are still available.


            My books have covered deeds, land grants, wills, court orders, school records, marriages, tax information, census records, military records, travel and early roads, lawsuits, and more than five hundred family sketches of early settlers of Southwest Virginia. Detailed work about Free Negroes and Indians were also included. The production of salt and the hundreds of pages available for research came from lawsuits as did many references to other aspects of my work. When available, maps, photos and copies of original records were added to complete the stories.


            The books that are out of print, especially some from the Early Adventurers series are now being sold on-line by several book dealers and for astronomical prices. The cost to purchase these publications range from $150 to $2000, even for some in that series that are still available from Kegley Books at their original prices! Of these exorbitant prices I wish I could say that I receive a share of the profits but all of that goes to the seller on-line. You may wonder why these books are so valuable. They are all printed in limited editions, some as few as 500, some even 100 copies.


            In recent years there has been an increased interest in women’s history and universities around the nation have courses in this topic.  One of my books, Sisters Saga, was an eye-opener on this subject, giving the reader, through two hundred personal letters, insight into what rich women did in their lifetimes. Obviously different from the mother with ten children these women had regular income and later husbands who were not among the poor giving them the opportunity to travel extensively. Their interest in family, religion, education, and well-being of their family and friends in the mid-nineteenth century was repeatedly reported.


            As inventory dwindles I wanted to thank you for your past purchases and look forward to new orders on some of the books you may have missed.


Sincerely, Mary B. Kegley of Kegley Books





CORRECTIONS: In Volume V, Early Adventurers…pp. 152,155, the index has Drury Senten listed. It should be Drury Senter.

p. 304, Jacob Kettering was born February 12, 1774, not 1770.
Page 666, the surname Draper was accidentally omitted in the index. That name was indexed under Drake beginning with Cinthia Flora and including Silas at the end of the list.
Page 357, Michael Neff, the first to come to Wythe County, is buried on the land now owned by Charles Roberts.
Other corrections welcome.
NOTE: All Kegley books are limited editions, and some have sold out over the years. The ones still available, with a short description, may be found listed on my website:
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   Mary B. Kegley is available to give programs. Please write for details at If you need research on your family in the Southwest part of Virginia, Mary B. Kegley is available to search the local records for a small fee. See details on the website.

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